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DCC, INC. offers a cost effective and practical approach to managing the startup and completion of your project. This transitional period is often a stumbling block for even the most sophisticated organizations. Responsibilities in the traditional engineer/CM/contractor/owner model are often blurred. Through planning and experience, we deliver successful results. 

We call it a “Systems Based Commissioning and Turnover Coordination Program”

Why Cost effective? Because we function as a trusted member of the owner’s team and leverage your resources. Contracted personnel are typically used during periods of peak demand. As additions to the owner’s team, we are brought into the process early which aids in hands-on training and facilitates operational and maintenance acceptance and turnovers.

Why Practical? Because we use methods that are proven to work and were developed over 20 years of bio-pharma project experience that allow us to determine appropriate solutions. Our approach is both scalable and flexible. No time is lost in searching for solutions. We know what works and we implement what works. 

Key elements of the program are:

  • Identify system turnover boundaries and communicate this information early and often to the project team. This is the foundation for success.
  • Identify documentation requirements and ETOP contents; clarify responsibilities and expectations.
  • Furnish a commissioning plan and a turnover plan that are simple, concise, organized and acceptable to all involved parties.
  • Provide owner-furnished-equipment coordination through direct vendor interaction.
  • Prepare and execute commissioning protocols.
  • Evaluate contractor provided documentation and provide recommendations for improvement.
  • Guide the owner in acceptance of turnovers on a system by system basis.

Successful projects are built on a strong foundation. 

Let us evaluate your next project and provide that strong foundation. Please contact us today.



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