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DCC implements strategies that result in successful project outcomes. Typically our services include the following while closely coordinating all activities with designers, vendors, contractors and owner personnel:

  1. Review owner provided documents including basis of design and preliminary drawings.
  2. Interview project stakeholders.
  3. Review proposed installations in the field.
  4. Prepare the Project Execution Plan including preliminary budget and schedule for owner review/approval.
  5. Prepare scope of work packages for design and/or construction bidding purposes.
  6. Prepare Request for Quotation (RFQ) and distribute to qualified bidders.
  7. Conduct bidder’s meetings.
  8. Receive/review quotations and recommend award.
  9. Facilitate purchase orders/contracts with owner’s purchasing department.
  10. Monitor and manage designer’s progress and coordinate all aspects with owner’s team.
  11. Receive/review/comment and approve detailed submittal packages.
  12. Coordinate facility logistics and schedule interface with project personnel.
  13. Provide safety orientation and mobilize contractors.
  14. Monitor fieldwork for safety, quality and conformance to requirements. Take corrective action as needed.
  15. Administer all forms of project communication.
  16. Startup, troubleshoot, commission systems and interface with owner personnel to ensure acceptance.
  17. Receive/review/approve and distribute final documentation.
  18. Manage invoicing.
  19. Demobilize contractors.
  20. Turnover and closeout project.

Our general project approach is as follows:

  1. Scope project thoroughly to understand all stakeholders needs. 
  2. Develop strategies to deliver contracted and in-house services.
  3. Select the most qualified service providers on the basis of cost, schedule, quality and proposed personnel and procedures. 
  4. Continuously monitor performance and provide corrective action when required.
  5. Act in the capacity of owner’s representative. We are trusted members of your team.
  6. Ensure successful outcomes by actively managing all aspects of the project between owner, designer, vendor and contractor personnel.
  7. Provide complete flexibility and accountability to project needs. 
  8. Deliver quality results at a reasonable cost through proven experience and leadership.


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