Dunbar Construction Consultants, Inc.

“Your efforts were a great help to the project team in the successful completion of the project. Your attention to detail and thoroughness was a major factor in the completion of documentation packages for Validation. Your tracking of major material purchases and deliveries and the tracking of contractor progress and costs were excellent throughout the project. Your efforts during the course of the project were noted and positively commented on by many groups at Bayer.”

A.H. Guerrero, PE
Project Manager
Bayer Pharmaceutical

“Your excellent project management skills resulted in the successful completion of our $3.8MM utility upgrade project on time and under budget…there were numerous internal customers to satisfy. You did an excellent job of seeking out all customers’ expectations/needs and ensuring these were incorporated into the design and construction… Everyone you worked with made very positive comments about your commitment to customer service. We look forward to having you manage projects for us in the future.”

C.R. Hey
Facilities Engineering Manager
A.W. Little
Director of Plant Engineering
Merck & Co.

“I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent Construction Management work (in support of my project)…Your contribution to the success of the project is greatly appreciated.”

Ed George
Project Manager
Bayer Pharmaceutical

“…provided superior construction administration support…consistently performed with absolute accuracy, promptness and impartiality in the management of the complex project…attention to detail and professional thoroughness were evident…vital part of the team.”

Paul H. Konkus, BS Engr., MBA, Dipl Proj Man (RICS), PMP
Nortel Networks

“…contributed greatly to resolution of numerous issues on site…able to quickly assess a situation, study or suggest alternatives and render professional opinion on a myriad of construction related topics in conjunction with our project engineering firms…an active participant…has the ability to remain calm under fire...an excellent asset to any team.”

Roger F. Gorey
Executive Program Manager
Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum (HOK)

“…HOK’s full time on site representative…pleasure to work with and did a very thorough job…always managed to stay in control and look after our interests in a professional manner…”

Christopher Fromboluti, AIA
Project Manager
Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum (HOK)

“…an outstanding job… had the owner, contractor, and subcontractor working together as a team when one would have assumed, based on the problem, that they would be adversaries…thorough, asks the right questions, and works tirelessly to get the results needed…”

William E. Seyler
Operations Manager

“…provided Glaxo with over five years of superb performance and outstanding service…filling a crucial role as mechanical field engineer…a trusted colleague…an integral part of our project management organization…can be depended on to take on any task, and will go out of his way to apply sound technical and engineering rationale…I have completely trusted Dan’s judgment in every case…an excellent reputation within Glaxo.”

Wesley P. Wheeler
Director, Engineering

“…provided progressive service in mechanical engineering, field quality control, construction contract administration and project management. Beyond his technical expertise and extensive project management experience, his greatest asset is his dependable, conscientious attitude.”

Tommy A. Cahoon
Director of Construction and Commissioning Engineering

“The quality of his work was excellent. He is very knowledgeable in his field, respected by his peers and conducts himself in a very professional manner…highly recommend…pleased to have (him) as a member of my team…”

Robert A. Diefenderfer
Group Manager, Construction Services



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